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Bohus Fire & Rescue Union

Bohus Fire & Rescue Union operates fire and rescue services in Kungalv municipality and Ale municipality.

We have 140 employees, 5 fire stations and about 800-900 calls a year. You can find our stations in Kungalv, Kode, Marstrand, Nol and Surte.

Our mission:

Bohus Fire & Rescue Union's mission is to run a high-quality, cost-effective business within the field of protection against accidents related to present and future risks in the region, in close cooperation with member municipalities.


  • Actively work to ensure that consideration towards risk is exercised early on in the social structure process.
  • Actively provide need and customer-oriented information, advice and training.
  • Provide need and customer-oriented supervision.
  • Perform fast and effective rescue operations when the individual cannot handle the situation him/herself.
  • Actively work towards and contribute to achieving optimal risk and crisis management among the member municipalities.
  • This shall take place in close cooperation with the member municipalities and be based on the local risk profile and conditions.

If you want to get in contact with us, please call 0303 - 33 47 00.

If you're in an emergency - always call 112.

Information about fire prevention in your home:

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